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  • Should I use brass cased or steel case ammunition?
    In truth there is no right answer to this, there are several factors that come into play when figuring out what case type of ammo to use. My most common response to this has always been if your firearm can shoot steel then shoot it because steel is commonly cheaper than most brass cased rounds on the market. As far as functionality of steel vs brass, I have read several test fire articles in which the person performing the test experienced success rates of 99% or better when shooting steel. With that in mind if you are simply target shooting then I would recommend steel simply based on price. However I strongly recommend a good brass cased hollow point self defense round for an every-day-carry firearm. If you have a few minutes and would like a more informative answer and in depth discussion of this question feel free to read the articles I have linked below. - David STEEL VS. BRASS AMMO: WHICH IS BETTER?
  • Why do we require 100% down on custom builds and custom orders?
    GFGTactical is a small veteran owned business and requiring 100% up front allows us to keep our product prices low.
  • What are the estimated lead times on custom orders and custom builds?
    Our lead times are generally 2-4 weeks. Lead times may change due to product availability.
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